Go Sledding

Pre-trip Planning

Book early

Snowmobile Operators tend to book up quickly, particularly during winter months and on long weekends and holiday’s. One of the most important hints we can give is to book your trip early.

What to bring

Contact you tour operator for the list as every trip is different.


Member businesses must adhere to our min requirements for guides and training set out by the association. For example Full Guide must have a current First Aid ticket with a min of 80 hrs training, Canadian Avalanche Associations Level 1 Certificate, plus all guides have to adhere to the basic in-house training laid out by the best practices of the association.

All Snowmobile tour businesses must adhere to operating with in there tenures. This insures that the client is getting the best out of a trip as the outfits will have mapped the terrain and zoned all the avalanche areas.

Technology & Gear

All the equipment is modern and in good working order and is inspected daily to insure a trouble free day.

You will find operators that use Arctic Cat, Skidoo, Polaris and Yamaha all which are excellent brands.

Most Snowmobile Tour outfits will ask you to show up with your own winter gear. For the guests that do not have the clothing most outfits have complimentary clothing.

Guiding Programs

Hire a Guide or Tagalongs programs exist through out the members every business is unique. If you have your own snowmobile but would like to travel with a guide please contact the members direct to find out who offers such a program.

Top Reasons for using a BCCSOA Tour Operator

1).The member company is legal and operating with in the Tenure set out by the government.
2). All members must have liability insurance.
3). All operators use high quality machines.
4). All members have terrain that will be suited for you abilities.
5). All operators use the best safety equipment available.
6). Every operator is strategically located for your convenience.
7). All the operations are sustainable